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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

He Said, She Said

Both of the kids were coloring when this conversation took place:
Ethan: Gracie, am I a good brother or a mean brother?
Gracie: You Ethan.
Ethan: I know that but am I a good brother or a mean brother?
Gracie: Uughhh, you good brother!
Ethan: Thanks! I knew it.

Whenever Gracie starts to get on her brothers nerves, he always tells her "Your freaking me out Gracie. You are freaking me out".

We were playing outside and Gracie went to sit on one of the rocking chairs. Ethan hightails it over there, sits in the other one and says "It has been a really long day, huh Gracie. Let's rest"

When Ethan's Grandfather was visiting, he asked Ethan if he was a tough guy and Ethan said "Yes". Then he asked him who was the toughest guy in our house and Ethan replied with "Mom"!

After bath one night, Ethan was trying to explain to me how he wanted his hair cut.
Ethan: I want a mohawk like the Black Eyed Peas.
Mom: Like WHO?
Ethan: The Black Eyed Peas that sing It's going to be a good night
Mom: When did you see all this?
Ethan: Dad showed me on You Tube!

One of Eric's favorite shows is COPS and he is often reminded in front of the kids that it is inappropriate for them to watch. After I left the house one night, Ethan turns to his dad and says "Dad, Mom went to Wal-mart so we can watch COPS now". We are going to need to discuss doing whats right regardless if mom is present or not.

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