Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Sunday, January 31, 2010



Here is a little video of Ethan and Gracie goofing off. The have been doing so great with Lexie and I couldn’t of asked for better helpers. The first day we brought Lexie home, I was worried because Gracie seemed to be having a hard time sharing Mommy and Daddy but after that day she has been great. I wasn’t worried about Ethan and he will even let Gracie know when she is crossing the whole gentle boundaries. You know the whole let me cover the baby with a blanket but ends up covering her entire face kind of thing. When we first brought Lexie home, Gracie was excited to meet her and kept telling us, “Put on the floor, PLAY! PLAY!” So these past couple of weeks I have been really trying to fend Gracie off because she wants to treat Lexie like she is one of her baby dolls. Both she and Ethan enjoy talking to her and holding her little hands. Gracie likes to tickle her tummy and whenever she hears Lexie start to cry she says, “ooooh Lexieeee”.

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