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Ashe Background

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rockin' with the Doodlebops

We have been so busy these past couple of days with the movers and Gracie, we thought it was time for Ethan to get a little extra attention. So, we came across some really great tickets and jumped on the chance to go to a rock and roll concert with the Doodlebops. Maybe not the rock and roll concert we would generally pick, but we had to appease a two year old. Becoming parents really does affect your entertainment venues. You would not believe how many parents were singing the songs and rocking out. I thought we were the only lame ones who know the words to kid songs. What really mattered was that Ethan had a great time. He was like a fourteen year old girl at a Hannah Montana concert. As soon as they came on the stage, Ethan was in total shock and couldn’t believe that they were right in front of him. He even started dancing to the music. Ethan’s favorite Doodlebop is Deedee and once when she left the stage, Ethan kept yelling, “Where’s Deedee?” He really likes her for some reason. We all had a great time including Gracie who slept the entire time even though there must have been thousands of screaming kids (Even some parents!!).


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