Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Friday, May 04, 2007

Look who's talking

Ethan is doing so well with his vocabulary and even though he sounds really cute, it really helps in figuring out what he wants.

Here a is a list of things he already says:
yss -yes
sit --and even points is finger to the floor when he says it to Yager
shoes--he uses this when he wants to go outside and play but needs to put on his shoes
bebe --that is his version of baby
piaper --his version of diaper, it just sounds like he puts a p in front instead of a d
dog -- this is his favorite.
and finally every time we are getting him dressed or playing with his toys, I will always count. I will count 1 and 2 and Ethan will yell out "Tree!" It is quite funny! The h gets dropped every time.

I am so glad that he has not figured out the word no and mine. We can live without those two.

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