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Ashe Background

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Visit from grandparents

Ethan got a visit from his grandparents this past week. He enjoyed having them here and really was able to get his way a lot more because he has figured out that when it comes to him, they can be big pushovers. Since we had babysitters, my parents also treated Eric and I on a night out by ourselves. We went out to dinner and to the movies. It has been the first time since Ethan has been born that we have been able to actually go out on a date. It was really nice and I think that we might do it more often. However, the best part of the night is when we made it home right before Ethan’s bedtime. He was so excited to see us coming through the front door which made the time away from him all worth it!

Before Grandparents Visit~ Crazy Hair

After Grandparents visit~Nice and clean cut

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